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Hazardous waste disposal

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Main projects - Azomures S.A.

The project was performed within February – April 2012 and involved the following activities:
  • extraction of arsenic oxide containing solutions and sludge from an underground tank with the volume of about 150 m3;
  • extraction of solid waste containing arsenic oxide from an horizontal metal tank with the volume of about 30 m3;
  • extraction of stuffing ceramis rings waste containing arsenic oxide from 2 (absorption and desorption) columns;
  • demounting and collection of thermal insulating waste (mineral wool and sheet) from the installation;
  • demounting, lining, packaging and labelling of equipment and technological network contaminated with arsenic oxides, for being taken over with authorized transport;
  • demolition and collection of acid-proof plates contaminated with hazardous waste, from more contaminated areas: pump hall, solution preparation hall, internal collection vat, external collection vat;
  • demolition and collection of waterproof insulation contaminated with hazardous waste from the base of acid-proof plates;
  • demolition and collection of plaster contaminated with hazardous waste, in a depth of 3 cm of walls in the pump hall and solution preparation;
  • full decontamination of equipment left on position at the beneficiary: undreground tank (volume about 150 m3), external vat, installation floor etc;
  • decontamination of surfaces contaminated with hazardous waste;
  • packaging and labelling of extracted/collected hazardous waste for authorized transportation;
  • weighing, taking over, authorized transport, temporary storage and disposal of hazardous waste resulted.

Total quantity of hazardous waste taken, transported, temporarily stored and disposed was of 188 tons, decontaminted surfaces amounting over 800 sqm:
  • metallic waste contaminated with hazardous waste – 81 tons;
  • arsenic containing waste – 59 tons;
  • refractory material waste – 29 tons;
  • insulating materials waste – 9 tons;
  • liquid waste – 10 tons;
  • decontaminted surfaces – 810 sqm.

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