Decontamination of soils and industrial plants and sites

Hazardous waste disposal

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Main projects - Ford Romania S.A.

Starting with 2008 till present, over 25 environment works have been developed, having as beneficiary Ford Romania S.A.
The diversity of waste types collected and disposed (petroleum liquid and soild waste, PCB oil equipment, asbestos waste, paint sludge, discarded chemicals etc.), as well as the diversity of decontamination works developed, makes difficult the choice of a single representative work.
This is why we chose 2 reference projects:

Waste taking over and decontamination of paint shop basement.
The project was performed within May – August 2008 and involved the following activities:
  • waste water treatment from paint shop till reaching the NTPA-002 norms;
  • decontamination of water pretreatment station; waste collection, transport and disposal;
  • basement decontamination: installations, tanks, technological channels, concrete surfaces etc.;
  • collection, packaging, labelling, authorized transport, temporary storage and disposal of paint, phosphate and e-coat sludge, as well as the waste resulted from the decontamination processes mentioned.

Total quantity of treated waste water was over 1,200 m3. Total quantity of waste collected, transported, temporarily stored and disposed was over 350 tons.

Decontamination of 18 fuel tanks – decontamination, collection, transport, disposal of hazardous waste, tanks dismemberment and ecological recovery of areas associated with non-used fuel and oil storages belonging to the beneficiary. The project was performed within November 2010 – June 2011 and involved the following activities:
  • extraction of fuel and oil waste from tanks and associated pipes;
  • decontamination of surfaces contaminated with fuels and oils;
  • packaging, labelling, authorized transport, temporary storage and disposal of extracted waste and waste resulted from decontamination process;
  • dismemberment of tanks and associated installations (pipes, fuel stations etc.);
  • demolition of concrete pits, concrete platforms etc.;
  • soil analysis after demolition and, for contaminated areas, excavation, authorized transport and disposal of contaminated soil;
  • redo ecologic site.

Total quantity of waste collected, treated and disposed was:

fuel and oil waste – 50 tons;
contaminated soil – 800 tons.

It should be also mentioned that, starting with May 2012, SETCAR assures the Total Waste Management for Ford Romania.

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