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Hazardous waste disposal

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Hazardous waste temporary storage

Hazardous waste temporary storage

According to the Environment Permit No. 294/12.12.2012, SETCAR authorized the operation within the Neutralization Premises – Braila, Km. 11 Viziru road – for 12 warehouses for hazardous waste temporary storage, total area being more than 53,000 sqm, total annual for temporary storage exceeding 60,000 tons. Plus, a platform for storage and decontamination of contaminated soils, with an area of over 12,000 sqm.

Each storage is dedicated to some certain waste types, having 2 main areas: area for hazardous waste taking in delivery and the proper storage area. In taking in delivery area the inputs are recorded – waste type, taking in delivery date, waste origin, weight of each storage unit etc., this way respective wastes having a strict record. For certain waste types, primary sorting is done in this area. Then, the wastes are orderly stored on special arranged shelves, waiting for being disposed.

Warehouses safety, as entire Neutralization Premises, is secured by centralized alarm systems in case of fire, fire prevention, anti burglary and video monitoring.

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Hazardous waste temporary storage

Hazardous waste temporary storage

Hazardous waste temporary storage
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