Decontamination of soils and industrial plants and sites

Hazardous waste disposal

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The PCB molecule is short and heavy, thus the PCB oils easily penetrate ...

The famous pesticide DDT (Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) in small concentrations can resist in the ground ...
Carbon sulphide (CS2) is a toxic substance with a density higher than that of water ...
Persistent organic pollutants (POP's) were forbidden for production and marketing because of ...

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SETCAR - Activity history

SETCAR - Activity history

1994 – SETCAR S.A. – is established with entire Romanian private capital, having as object of activity the chemical production for car and furniture industry: thinners, additives for gas and diesel oil, adhesives, brake liquid, anti-freeze, windshield wash liquid etc.

2000 – Services for environment – SETCAR diversifies the activity domain by entering the market with services for environment: de-pollution of contaminated  industrial plants and sites and hazardous waste disposal. It is also the year when first important work started – decontamination of Chemical Plant for Artificial Fibers –Braila – Romania”. Within this project which lasted 16 months, 84 ha of land were de-polluted and about 7,200 tons of hazardous waste disposed.

2003 – Development of the activity for waste transport – as natural result of development for environment services and having partially european funds, SETCAR starts the activity for hazardous waste authorized transport, both by purchasing and ADR authorization of own rolling stock and by employing and training auxiliary personnel – drivers, safety advisors, scale operators etc.

2004 – Disposal of PCB equipment – a team of engineers accomplishes a large research project by putting into operation of the first plant in Romania for disposal of PCB compounds by chemical and biological dechlorination. The plant is achieved also by the help of european funds, being a model for design and research programs for the next years.

2005 – Development of the Neutralization Premises – as natural result of company development, the background of a long term modernization plan is put into practice. Big works of consolidation of existing storages, construction of new annex buildings, are started: laboratory for chemical analyses, mechanical workshop, offices, lockers etc. At the same time, modern safety devices are installed: central for fire prevention alarm, anti-burglary devices, audio-video systems for monitoring and control, second scale of 60 tons is installed and certified, all access roads are  rehabilitated etc.

2007 – A new disposal plant – a modern plant for disposal of discarded chemicals is authorized and put into operation. It is accomplished 100% with own labor and laurels of 18 months of work for design and research developed by a team of chemical engineers, technicians, designers from SETCAR.

2008 – Hall for dismantling of PCB transformers – further to the experience gained in disposal of PCB equipment and having the benefit of financial support from the Adminstration for Environment Fund (in Romania), it is achieved the „Plant for decontamination and dismantling of PCB oil transfomers”.

2009 – Soil decontamination – harmonization of Romanian legislation with that of the European Union in the field of site decontamination, is the starting point for soil decontamination works. SETCAR develops big scale works for decontamination of soils contaminated with  HCH, oil products, mercury, phenols, PCB etc.

2011 – Indirect thermal desorption unit – experience in soil treatment and decontamination, normally leads to the accomplishment of the first mobile unit for indirect thermal desorption in Romania, aimed for disposal of soils contaminated with HCH, oil products, mercury, various volatile substances, phenols, PCB etc.

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SETCAR - Activity history

SETCAR - Activity history

SETCAR - Activity history

SETCAR - Activity history

SETCAR - Activity history

SETCAR - Activity history
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