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The PCB molecule is short and heavy, thus the PCB oils easily penetrate ...

The famous pesticide DDT (Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) in small concentrations can resist in the ground ...
Carbon sulphide (CS2) is a toxic substance with a density higher than that of water ...
Persistent organic pollutants (POP's) were forbidden for production and marketing because of ...

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Main projects - Kar Group - Erbil, Iraq

Services for oil tank cleaning within Kar Group Refinery from Erbil, Iraq. The project was organized and financed by Kar Group Refinery.

The project was performed within February – April 2013 and aimed oily sludge extraction and processing from 4 oil tanks with a total volume of 30.000 m³ and their separation in components: water, oil and solid.
The following operations were carried out:
  • Waste (sludge) extraction from tanks;
  • Sludge processing by three-phase centrifuging;
  • Decontamination of spaces inside the 4 tanks;
  • Disposal of waste resulted from decontamination;
  • Gas-free certification for decontaminated tanks.

Total quantity of processed oily waste was abt. 2000 , decontaminated surfaces amounting over 3000 m².

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