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Main projects - MSC Romania Shipping

Services for transfer of silicon tetrachloride waste from two vessel containers, labelling, transport and disposal of silicon tetrachloride, transport, decontamination and return of containers.
The major difficulty of this project was that silicon tretrachloride transfer was done in the port where humidity was high and without knowing the waste condition in unsealed containers. The project was performed in August 2009 and involved the following activities:
  • transfer of silicon tetrachloride waste in IBCs of 1m3 capacity and labelling for authorized transport;
  • taking over, authorized transport, temporary storage and disposal of silicon tetrachloride waste, as well as of original damaged contaminated packages;
  • taking over and transport of vessel containers to Neutralization Premises of Setcar, for being decontaminated;
  • decontamination of vessel containers and return to customer.

Total quantity of silicon tetrachloride waste disposed was that of 21 tons.

Remark: Silicon tetrachloride is a very toxic and corrosive liquid substance having violent reaction with water – hydrochloric acid vapors are released in the presence of water. This is why silicon tetrachloride is always kept in sealed packages beacuse it reacts even in the presence of humidity in the air.

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