Decontamination of soils and industrial plants and sites

Hazardous waste disposal

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Main projects - National Company for Roads and Motorways

Project: Clear the location of hazardous waste (HCH) – DN1 – Motorway Brasov–Cluj–Bors, section 2B, km 100+500m

The project consisted in 2 stages, namely:
  • design of decontamination works for above mentioned location;
  • execution of decontamination works for contaminated land within Transilvania Motorway area, and also decontamination of neighbouring safety area related to HCH storage.

Execution of the works was done within June 2009 – July 2011 and consisted in the following activities:
  • accurate determination of contaminated land and excavation depth of contaminated soil;
  • excavation and loading of contaminated soil in authorized vehicles;
  • authorized transport of contaminated soil to the temporary storage agreed by the environment authorities;
  • investigation and treatment of contaminated soil;
  • execution of concrete security barrier (in depth) between contaminated area and the rest of HCH storage;
  • refilling the excavation, covering with fertile soil, overgrown with grass – bringing the land to initial condition.

Quantities of processed hazardous waste:
  • excavation, loading and authorized transport to the new location agreed by environment authorities – 150,000 m3;
  • taking over, transport, temporary storage and disposal of HCH liquid waste – 14,000 tons;
  • treatment of HCH contaminated soil – 14,500 tons.

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