Decontamination of soils and industrial plants and sites

Hazardous waste disposal

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The PCB molecule is short and heavy, thus the PCB oils easily penetrate ...

The famous pesticide DDT (Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) in small concentrations can resist in the ground ...
Carbon sulphide (CS2) is a toxic substance with a density higher than that of water ...
Persistent organic pollutants (POP's) were forbidden for production and marketing because of ...

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Main projects - OMV Petrom S.A. - Lagoons

Starting with 2008 till present, more environment works have been developed, having as beneficiary OMV PETROM S.A. The diversity of collected and disposed waste (liquid and solid petroleum waste, PCB oil, arsenic containing waste, mercury containing sludge, discarded chemicals etc.), as well as many locations where the environment works have been performed (Doljchim Craiova, Arpechim Pitesti, Petromar Constanta, Petrobrazi Ploiesti, storage plants within a range of 32 counties etc.), makes difficult the choice of a single representative work.
This is why we chose 2 reference projects:

Services for processing/separation treatment of liquid phase, excavation/treatment/disposal of crude sludge and contaminated soil, hazardous waste disposal – for 44 lagoons with petroleum waste, split in 4 lots located on entire Romanian territory. The project was performed within 2009 – 2012 and involved the following activities:
  • processing of liquid phase from the lagoon, by separation into water and petroleum;
  • processing of water and petroleum till reaching the parameters according to the contract;
  • excavation, transport, treatment and disposal of crude sludge by centrifugal separation technologies;
  • excavation, transport, treatment and disposal of contaminated soil by inertization and thermal desorption technologies;
  • separation, decontamination and disposal of other waste existing in lagoons (plastic waste, gravel, wooden material etc.) according to legislation;
  • implementing security of lagoons in terms of geotechnical.

Total liquid waste quantity extracted, processed, separated and given to beneficiary, was more than 200,000 m3. Total solid waste quantity excavated, processed, separated and disposed was over 400,000 m3.

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Decontamination of 15 transformers with PCB oil from Dolj, Gorj and Olt counties, by the help of mobile unit for chemical de-chlorination of PCB oils. The project was performed within June – August 2010 and involved the following activities:
  • sampling from each transformer;
  • sample analysis in own laboratory;
  • locating the mobile unit close to transfomers and connection to transformer;
  • permanent monitoring of PCB content in treated oil during unit operation;
  • classification of decontaminated transformers as „PCB free”;
  • mobile unit relocation.

Total quantity of PCB oil decontaminated was that of 40 tons.

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