Did you know that...?

The PCB molecule is short and heavy, thus the PCB oils easily penetrate the non-waterproof concrete layers, reaching the underground water contaminating it?

The famous pesticide DDT (Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) in small concentrations can resist in the ground till 100 years?

DDT was first synthesized in 1874 by a chemist named Zeidler? Nevertheless, it’s like insecticide properties were discovered only in 1940. Between 1940 and 1970 it was used on a large scale due to its effectiveness in combating insects and reduced toxicity towards mammals.

Although it is forbidden for over 40 years, DDT was identified with a very high level of accuracy in fat of Penguins in Antarctica? During the time DDT was used all over the world, it has accumulated in ice at the poles. Along with melting of glaciers, DDT reached the oceans where it was absorbed by phytoplankton, and from here in fishes, whales, seals, penguins and sea birds. The worst is that this process continues!

HCH (hexa-chloro-cyclohexane) in pure status should not be ingested or inhaled so that to poison you? It is in the form of a powder which can enter directly through the skin into the bloodstream, attacking the liver and central nervous system!

Persistent organic pollutants (POP’s) were forbidden for production and marketing because of their rotten properties of accumulating in living organisms? The PCB, for example, was identified with precision even in breast milk!

A battery pill-type can pollute 500 liters of water or a square meter of soil for a period of 50 years? All these because of mercury it contains.

Carbon sulphide (CS2) is a toxic substance with a density higher than that of water, being very flammable – self-ingintion in contact with air? This is why it is always stored under a double layer of water – in carbon sulphide tanks it is kept under water and the tanks are purged in water. Extraction or intaking of carbon sulphide in the tank is not done by direct pumping, but with pressure control by changing the water layer volume in the tank.