Iulius Mall Suceava S.R.L.

Taking over hazardous waste from the former chemical plant for Artificial Fibers and Yarns Suceava, dismantling and decontamination of carbon sulphide storage (CS2) – the project was performed within January – March 2007 and involved the following activities:

  • taking over, packaging, labelling, authorized transport and disposal of toxic and hazardous waste: PCB capacitors, discarded chemicals, Glauber’s salt, leach, active coal etc;
  • design and execution of CS2 recovery plant, transport, mounting on site;
  • mounting of additional plungers, CS2 extraction from tanks, transfer in special vats for authorized transport to the Neutralization Premises of Setcar, transport and disposal;
  • extraction and treatment of water from tanks, as well as from concrete vats where the tanks had beed plunged;
  • degasification of sludge from concrete vats and from those 10 tanks;
  • sludge taking over, packaging, labelling, authorized transport and disposal;
  • decontamination of concrete vats, inertization and degasification of CS2tanks;
  • demounting the CS2 tanks and storage associated technological equipment;
  • handing over to the beneficiary of CS2 storage, free of environment tasks.

Total quantity of treated water was over 300 m3.
Total quantity of hazardous waste taken, transported and disposed was that of:

  • PCB capacitors – 7 tons;
  • carbon sulphide – 32 tons;
  • Glauber’s salt – 210 tons;
  • discarded chemicals, sludge, leach, active coal etc. – 31 tons.

Remark: Carbon sulphide (CS2) is a toxic substance with a density higher than that of water, being very flammable – self-ingintion in contact with air. This is why it is always stored under a double layer of water – in carbon sulphide tanks it is kept under water and the tanks are purged in water. Extraction or intaking of carbon sulphide in the tank is not done by direct pumping, but with pressure control by changing the water layer volume in the tank.