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Since the complex activities for site decontamination or hazardous waste disposal can be done in safe conditions only by specialists, one of our strong points is human resources.

We gathered in SETCAR people with big experience in working with hazardous chemical substances, people who were trained professionally in the Chemical plant for Artificial Fibers and Yarns, Pulp and Paper from Braila, or in the Steel Plant from Galati, but also enthusiast and responsible young people, willing to become, in their turn, specialists.

Our team has more than 40 engineers, over 20 chemical foremen, more than 100 chemical operators, but also over 20 drivers with ADR training, coordinated by safety advisors.

SETCAR personnel is periodically trained on the legislation for environment protection and complies and applies all procedures of the Integrated System – Quality – Environment and Occupational Health and Safety (link) applicable for company’s activity.

If you wish to be part of our team, you can apply for one of the available jobs or for an unavailable job for the moment, by sending your Resume here, specifying the job aimed or field of interest.

Available Jobs

No available jobs for the moment.