Setcar at Romenvirotec 2012

Already a tradition in SETCAR participation at ROMENVIROTEC, as well as the presentation of equipment and technologies with each new edition, the participation in 2012 did not disrupt the course of innovations.

Further to the experience gained in treatment and/or disposal of contaminated soils, at the end of a complex research, design, execution program with own labour and technological tests, SETCAR put into operation the first MOBILE UNIT FOR INDIRECT THERMAL DESORPTION (ITD) in Romania – its presentation being the main attraction in SETCAR booth for this year fair edition.
The unit makes the separation of volatile toxic substances from contaminated soils, at temperatures higher than the boiling point of these substances, being, therefore, designed to HCH, mercury, various volatile substances, phenols, PCB contaminated soils.

Besides the familiarization with the features and performances of the presented unit, at SETCAR booth, the interested visitors were able to discuss from A to Z with company’s specialists present at the event, both about decontamination of soils, sites and industrial locations contaminated with hazardous waste and about taking over, authorized transport, temporary storage and disposal of hazardous waste.

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