SETCAR S.A., as business partner on the national and international levels, offers services in the following areas of activity:

  • treatment and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes;
  • collection of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes;
  • decontamination activities and services;
  • commodities road transport (substances, hazardous commodities and wastes).

The policy on quality – environment – occupational health and safety and the management methods governing the company’s development strategy, are based on the following objectives and directions of action:

  • increase the level of satisfaction of customers by anticipating and understanding their needs;
  • implementation of some sustainable directions in all stages of our projects by minimizing the impact upon environment, workers’ health and safety;
  • compliance with the legislation in force and applicable requirements for the company;
  • adoption in company’s practices of a preventive behaviour towards pollution, in the detriment of the corrective one, so that to ensure the continuous improvement of environment performances;
  • prevention and minimum reduction of risks, accidents and professional diseases, as well as reduction of their consequences by ensuring a healthy work environment;
  • continuos training of workers in order to increase the awareness degree and involvement in present and future company’s development;
  • implementation of risk management principles as integral part of all decision making and organizational processes.

The management at the highest level is committed to provide the necessary resources for implementation, maintenance and continuos improvement of Integrated Management System, periodical review of Integrated Management System efficiency, having as guarantee the competence, responsibility and involvement of all hierarchical levels from SETCAR structures in fulfilling the established objectives.

This policy is documented, implemented and maintained, reviewed and revised periodically, communicated to all employees, available to customers and other parties concerned, including the public.

Eng. Iulian Franga