Provision of Services related to the Decontamination of PCB containing Oil and Equipment in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The project was organized and financed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization – UNIDO. A mobile unit for chemical de-chlorination, dehydration and regeneration of PCB oil was used.
The project was implemented during November 2013 – March 2014 and it involved the following operations:

  • collection of PCB oil from tanks and transformers;
  • decontamination, filtration, dehydration and degassing of PCB oil by using the mobile unit;
  • control of physico-chemical parameters of treated oil;
  • control of dielectrical rigidity of treated oil;
  • refilling of electrical equipment with treated oil.

After decontamination the PCB level was lower than the project maximum allowed limit <50 ppm, the analysis for PCB concentration (ppm) was performed 90 days after finalizing the decontamination procedure.

The project in numbers:

  • the quantity of decontaminated PCB oil was over 96 tons;
  • the quantity of decontaminated equipment was more than 155 de tons.

Note: The main difficulty during the project was the lack of spare electrical equipment in the beneficiary’s grid. This has lead to very short periods of time, between disconnection of equipment and reconnection, for decontamination and refill with treated oil.

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